Fuel Saving Technologies

The questions:


What are the technological products of today that can offer guarantees in terms of fuel reduction?



What products can offer a solution that requires little investment?


Industry leading:

How to make sure to be at the cutting edge of technology in terms of sustainable development?

The solution:

Tech NC offers a unique solution to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Our Tech NC system allows a more uniform and complete combustion which aims at increasing torque motor as well as a significant decrease in fuel and emissions of Nox and CO2. 
Our Tech NC system has been simplified to the maximum for an easy and non-intrusive installation in the motor.

It takes less than 2 hours to install our solution on any engine: trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery, power engines, boats, bulldozers, loaders, compactors, cars, ...

The savings:

Our Tech NC system can be purchased or leased on a 60 months contract offering an immediate return on investment as your economy can be up to 5 times higher than the monthly lease cost.